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Author: G.W.T. Omond

Illustrations: A. Forestier

Publisher: A & C Black, Soho Square London

Publish Date: 1918


Number of times Beer is mentioned10
Specific beers mentionedn/a
Specific pubs mentionedMaison des Brasseurs – on the Grand Place in Brussels (still exists today as a brewery museum and cafe)
Specific breweries mentionedn/a
Best Quotes“The drunken ways of the people are encouraged by the excessive number of public-houses. Practically anyone who can pay the Government fee and obtain a barrel of beer and a few tumblers may open a drinking-shop.”

” It is not uncommon in a small country village with about 200 inhabitants to see the words * Herberg ‘ or ‘ Estaminet ‘ over the doors of a dozen houses, in which beer is sold at a penny (or less) for a large glass”

“More beer, probably, is consumed in Belgium per head of the population than in any other European country, Germany not excepted…”


This travel book is heavy on history and less a travelogue of the author’s journey, which is why I reference it less than it’s counterpart Belgium Old & New. Like most travel books about Belgium, there is a slant towards Flanders over Wallonia with a roughly 75/25 ratio. This book is loaded with beautiful illustrations from Amédée Forestier.

About the Author

George William Thomson Omond was a Scottish author who lived 1846-1929.

Table of Contents

  • The Market-Place and Belfry of Bruges – Early History
  • Baldwin Bras-de-Fer – The Place du Bourg – Murder of Charles the Good
  • The Beguinage – Churches – The Relic of the Holy Blood
  • The Bruges Matins – Battle of the Golden Spurs
  • Damme – The Sea Fight at Sluis – Splendour of Bruges in the Middle Ages – The Fall and Loss of Trade
  • Bruges La Morte
  • The Plain of West Flanders – Ypres
  • Furnes – The Procession of Penitents
  • Nieuport – The Battle of the Dunes
  • The Coast of Flanders
  • Coxyde – The Scenery of the Dunes
  • Ghent
  • The Dukes of Brabant – The Joyeuse Entree – End of the Sixteenth Century
  • The Bombardment of 1695 – The Grande Place – Church of Ste. Gudule – Charles of Lorraine
  • Joseph II and the Revolution of Brabant
  • The Jacobins of Brussels – Visit of Napoleon – The Hundred Days
  • The Dutch Government – The Revolution of 1830
  • The Vicissitudes of Antwerp
  • The Principality of Liege
  • Early History of Liege – Bishop Notger – The Court of Peace
  • The Dukes of Burgundy – Destruction of Liege by Charles the Bold
  • The Wild Boar of Ardennes
  • Erard de la Marck – The Principality in the Sixteenth Century
  • The Chirous of the Grignoux – The Tragic Banquet of Warfusee
  • The Gaming Tables of Spa – The French Revolution – The Annexation of the Principality
  • Liege and the Valley of the Meuse in Modern Times – Bouillon

Where to Download or View

Project Gutenberghttps://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/46248Free Download
Google BooksAvailable for sale
Apple BooksAvailable for sale
Open LibraryBelgiumRead only
Google Play BooksFree DownloadNot available in Belgium


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