Europe-Inspired Movie Scenes I Love

This page is dedicated to scenes in movies or television which always come to mind when I think of Europe.

In Bruges -Basilica of the Holy Blood Scene

This is probably the funniest scene in a movie with several of them.  Bruges is one of my favorite cities on Earth.  When In Bruges was released I avoided it because I was afraid it would ruin the city’s appeal to me.  But when I finally broke down and watched it, it instantly became one of my favorite movies ever.  The movie is full of dichotomies.  Bruges is both a beautiful medieval city but also limited because it is stuck in the past.  You have villains with consciences.  Smoking Europeans and non-smoking North Americans.  Many, many more.  There is something in this movie to offend everybody and once in a while we need to laugh at those things rather than looking for attention on Twitter.  But it is the dichotomy shown in this video that makes me love this movie.  It is the difference between the tourist and the non-tourist.  The character portrayed by the great actor Brendan Gleeson is the type of tourist I often represent… the type that does touristy things from the guidebook.  Yet at the same time, there is dichotomy in that.  I profess to have the mindset of avoiding the cliche tourist rituals, but I know that I still do them, and I have done the one in this video a couple times.  Why?  Because that’s what you do!

(Side note:  When you actually visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood, it won’t look anything like the video.  The scene was filmed in the Jerusalem Church in Bruges whose interior is much older looking and cinematic.)

Shower Bath Scene from Return of the Pink Panther

I love the original Pink Panther movies. There are several ways in which those movies helped give birth to my love of Europe. One of the unique characteristics about Europe is the variety of oddly designed bathrooms and the dreaded “shower bath”. This scene hilariously depicts this (accurately I might add).