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Welcome to my 4th dimension of travel.  I define the 4th dimension as whatever takes your travel experience to another level – maybe it is art, food, architecture, family geneology – whatever it is, it is what you seek out beyond the Top 10 must-sees according to your guidebook.  It is what you will recount years later about your trip and what makes your trip most enriching.  Mine is the “drink experience”, to seek out the local brewing, fermentation or distilling culture, whether beer, wine, whisky, champagne, cava, and so on.  As much as I love the drinks themselves, I love the places you drink, the vessels the drinks are served in, the celebrations around the drinks, the history behind them, the production process, and all of the colorful accessories that go with the marketing and traditions.  This website will be stories of my pilgrimages to past, present, and future drink experiences.  By sharing this passion with you, I hope to inspire your own pilgrimages to your 4th Dimension of traveling.

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The Basilica of the Holy Blood Scene from "In Bruges". If you've seen the movie, I am the Brendan Gleeson character when I travel.

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