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Author: George Wharton Edwards

Publisher: The Penn Publishing Company

Publish Date: 1920


Number of times Beer is mentioned10
Specific beers mentionedFaro, “Geuze Lambeck”
Specific pubs mentionedn/a
Specific breweries mentionedn/a
Best Quotes“His food is cheap and his beer is cheaper still”
– in reference to the average Belgian worker

“the Fleming is apt to sit there the whole evening
drinking, not immoderately…”


This is probably the reference I use the most when I am researching my posts which take place in Belgium. The author covers a nice blend of Belgian history, culture, society and personal travel stories. There are a lot of beautiful colorful illustrations done by the author, likely the finest you will see in a book of this topic. It was published right after the end of WWI with some interesting observations of the post-war condition of Belgium. Another feature of this book which makes it useful to me is that it covers more than just the usual major cities. There are chapters covering Mons, Dinant, Liege and other interesting locations which are often ignored in other classic travel books about Belgium.

About the Author

An American Impressionist painter and travel author who lived from 1859-1950. Studied for a time in Antwerp according to his Wikipedia Page.

Table of Contents

  • Foreward
  • Prosperity and the “Flamingant” Movement
  • The Campine and Beyond
  • Antwerp
  • Brussels
  • Ghent
  • Bruges
  • Tournai
  • Couillet
  • Liege
  • Mons
  • The Congo Colony
  • Notes, and Some Characteristics
  • Anniversary of Belgian Independence
  • The Belgian Constitution
  • Dinant and the Mosan Towns
  • The Glorious Story of the Yser
  • Cardinal Mercier
  • The King and the Queen
  • La Panne
  • Index

Where to Download or View

Project GutenbergNot available
Google BooksNot available
Apple BooksNot available
Open LibraryBelgium Old & NewRead Only
Google Play BooksFree DownloadNot available in Belgium


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