Before Life was Brewtiful: Arizona/Utah


This last weekend was very special.  The temperature in Antwerp, Belgium was still summer-like but the angle of the sun, the aroma of the leaves, and the colors of the trees were full glorious autumn.  I used the opportunity to walk around the city reminding myself why I have loved this city so much these past seven-plus years.  I will be moving soon.  Not too far away.  A 15-minute train ride away actually.  But it definitely will mean my visits to Antwerp will be fewer.  I realize that I still have so much to write about Antwerp on this blog.  In fact, I have written quite little, despite the fact that Antwerp is an amazing city.  Maybe it’s because it’s in my backyard that I have procrastinated.  As I was traveling down memory lane this weekend, it also occurred to me that there is so much of my life before came into being, before the passion for all things brewtiful became my hobby, and I found myself digging deeper into old pictures.  Pictures from when I still lived in the USA before 2011 changed my life forever.  Back when life was only beautiful rather than brewtiful.  And while I may not remember precise details anymore of the places I’ve been to fill a blog post with colorful stories, I thought that I at least owe it to myself to resurrect some of those memories, even if only to post photographs.  As if this site needed another series, I will call these posts Before Life was Brewtiful

Arizona & Utah

If there ever was a trip which feels like it happened in another life, it was this amazing road trip from Phoenix, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah.  What I probably remember most about this trip is the thing I didn’t do and that is see the Grand Canyon.  So if anyone reading this decides to follow in my footsteps, I highly recommend not making this mistake.  But I do recommend this region of the United States as a must-see over any other.

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 5.24.18 PM

Montezuma’s Castle




Lake Powell


Betatakin Cliff Dwelling


Monument Valley




Arches National Park


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