Bruges & West Flanders

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Author: G.W.T. Omond

Publisher: A & C Black, Soho London

Publish Date: 1906


This is one of three texts that would be condensed into the complete volume Belgium published in 1918. The other two being East Flanders & Brabant and Liege & The Ardennes. The only section not included in the 1918 version is the Preface where Omont bluntly describes Flanders.

There is no part of Europe more wanting in what is known as ‘scenery’ than Flanders; and those who journey there must spend most of their time in the old towns which are still so strangely mediaeval in their aspect, or in country places which are worth seeing only because of their connection with some event in history—Nature has done so little for them. Thus the interest and the attraction of Flanders and the Flemish towns are chiefly historical. 

Bruges & West Flanders by G.W.T. Omond (1906)


Of chief interest here are illustrations (by A. Forestier) of an inn in the coastal village of De Panne called In de Klok. Unfortunately this charming inn was demolished in the 1970’s.

Table of Contents

  • The Market-Place and Belfry of Bruges – Early History
  • Baldwin Bras-de-Fer – The Place du Bourg – Murder of Charles the Good
  • The Beguinage – Churches – The Relic of the Holy Blood
  • The Bruges Matins – Battle of the Golden Spurs
  • Damme – The Sea Fight at Sluis – Splendour of Bruges in the Middle Ages – The Fall and Loss of Trade
  • Bruges La Morte
  • The Plain of West Flanders – Ypres
  • Furnes – The Procession of Penitents
  • Nieuport – The Battle of the Dunes
  • The Coast of Flanders
  • Coxyde – The Scenery of the Dunes

Where to Download or View

Project GutenbergBruges & West FlandersFree Download
Google BooksAvailable for saleFree Preview
Apple BooksAvailableFree Download
Open LibraryBruges & West FlandersRead only
Google Play BooksFree DownloadNot available in Belgium


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