Oktoberfest 2020 is ON!


I have seen an uptick in hits on this post lately without an increase in hits on the follow-up post. So to be clear to people who are looking for information on Oktoberfest 2020, here is the final word.

Oktoberfest 2020 is NOT ON

In the midst of a long Winter writer’s block, I find myself propelling forward thru the joy of beer pilgrimage planning. And what better way to break out of the bleak, dark, northern European malaise than to plan the beer pilgrimage of all beer pilgrimages!

The last time I spoke of Oktoberfest, I was crying in my non-Oktoberfest beer for missing Oktoberfest 2019. That one-year Oktoberfest-less streak unofficially came to an end last evening with the ceremonial round-trip Brussels to Munich flight ticket purchase.

This year’s itsabrewtifulworld Oktoberfest extravaganza will take place on the final weekend of Oktoberfest, Oct 2-5, 2020 (just in case the year was not clear from the title). Most of the usual suspects are already on board (there is just no stopping Finland). Just a couple of unfortunate fence-sitters still to lure away from life’s circumstances. In an effort to bond with some fellow travel bloggers, anyone reading this that is planning to be at Oktoberfest that weekend, please feel free to send me an email.

This year will follow the format of previous years:

  • Friday Oct 2: arrival, lederhosen shopping/upgrade, biergarten hopping
  • Saturday Oct 3: Oktoberfest (tent tbd)
  • Sunday Oct 4: Day trip for the adventurous or Oktoberfest for the indulgent. (This year I have in my mind to day trip to Salzburg, rent bikes and ride along the Salzach, visit the Augustiner Brau and Stiegl breweries/beer halls)
  • Monday Oct 5: departure

It’s happening folks and you can follow the progress on my website throughout the year.

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