Dionysian Dingle

Dionysian where? Dingle is a small isolated (but touristy) fishing village in a remote corner of Kerry County, Ireland.  For any Americans reading this who are not from West Virginia, when you think about West Virginia, this is exactly how the Irish think of Kerry County.  For others, you might get a better impression if I … More Dionysian Dingle

Dionysian Prague

Prague is a city with a mind boggling number of beer pilgrimages.  Known as the city of a hundred spires, it could just as easily be called the city of a hundred breweries.  Prague is a city which can be enjoyed on many levels.  It has a rich history in, to name a few, the Habsburg … More Dionysian Prague

Dionysian Gent (a.k.a. Getting the Noose in Ghent)

Karolus, Carolus, and Karel As a lover of Belgian beer, I am continually reminded never to take the names of the beers for granted.  I am sure that every beer maker puts some thought behind the name of their beer and every beer will have some historical link from the brewer’s own personal life or something far more … More Dionysian Gent (a.k.a. Getting the Noose in Ghent)

Dionysian Bruges

Sitting down to write a blog on the subject of Bruges for the very first time would seem to be an easy task for those who know me.  For over a decade, I have been visiting Bruges anywhere from one to a half dozen times per year.  I’ve experienced it every way imaginable, from being … More Dionysian Bruges

Dionysian Scotland

Scotland is a place that seems to want to make you earn it’s charms. I’ve driven around Scotland for a week now, from Edinburgh up thru the Cairngorms National Park, around Loch Ness, across to the Isle of Skye, down thru Glencoe, and currently enjoying the charming harbor town of Oban before leaving to the … More Dionysian Scotland